Mercedes-Benz Social Media Communication

The goal of social media communication was to present Mercedes-Benz Certified as a more accessible way to purchase a reliable luxury car from authorized dealers without risks.


Mercedes Benz Certified


2021 - early 2023


Ongoing social media communication


  • Introduction of service benefits and value proposition 
  • Attraction of new customers

We managed two channels: Mercedes-Benz Lietuva, aimed at creating and maintaining brand image and recognition with content tailored to the Lithuanian market. This involved continuous social media communication and digital advertising campaigns.

The second channel was Mercedes-Benz Certified, with the goal of attracting new customers and increasing sales of used cars. Ongoing social media communication was conducted to provide a comprehensive presentation of the advantages and benefits of purchasing Mercedes-Benz used cars, positioning them as the best alternative to new vehicles. We maintained a consistent visual and communication tone that conveyed reliability, value creation, and high standards of trustworthiness.