FMC AGRO – Social Media Communication

FMC Agricultural Solutions is a leading company specializing in agricultural crop protection research and development. We are proud that we successfully met their challenge to create exceptional communication that stands out in a competitive environment. We are delighted with our longstanding partnership and inspiring mutual collaboration.




nuolatinė socialinių tinklų komunikacija




Since 2021

Objective: Increasing brand awareness, shaping the image in a competitive landscape, and creating an active and supportive community.

The visual style is distinctive. While we use many natural images, sometimes reality is exaggerated. In our communication, natural images, plants, weeds, and pests are visually enlarged and hyperbolized, playing with sizes and proportions, thus creating a unique visual identity.

Large, monumental typography is often used as one of the main visual elements or accents, composing it in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

This style and format are appreciated on a local scale and have received excellent feedback from international corporations, being recognized as one of the most effective communication strategies.