SUSLAVIČIUS – Social Media Communication

Our task was to create “Suslavičius” communication on social media, specifically on Facebook. To achieve this goal, we employed a few tricks, such as giving “Suslavičius” sauces a personality. Hence, phrases like “Essential like the classic Suslavičius sauce,” “Beloved like Suslavičius sauce,” “Recognizable like the taste of Suslavičius,” and “Famous like Suslavičius ketchup” emerged, accompanied by vibrant, witty, and eye-catching visuals.




Social media communication



2017 - 2022

We create engaging content that makes viewers stop scrolling and start counting how many tomatoes are in the jar and which one will fall into the jar first. At the same time, they start imagining breakfast, lunch, or dinner scenarios while seeing a simple but delicious recipe that becomes even tastier when flavored with “Suslavičius” sauce. Because a bolder taste leads to a brighter mood!

The essence of this fun, vibrant, and engaging communication is to emphasize the Lithuanian flavor and indispensability of “Suslavičius” on every family table. Yes, families, because as consumers already know, “Suslavičius” products are made with less or no added sugar, sweeteners, or salt. Just as you would make it! Or your mom would.