“AMBIO” – Social Media Communication

AMBIO is a private brand dietary supplement sold in the “Gintarinė vaistinė” pharmacy network. AMBIO nutritional supplements are carefully selected by the pharmacy’s pharmaceutical specialists and tailored to each individual.




Socialinių tinklų komunikacija

Facebook Page:





2021  - 2023

Objective: Increasing brand awareness, shaping the brand image, and boosting sales.

Our task is to create authentic, vibrant, and engaging social media communication on Facebook that aligns with the brand’s image.

We maintain an exclusive visual style to showcase the AMBIO brand’s uniqueness. 3D visualizations with vivid backgrounds, moving elements, and compositions created from various shapes, illustrations, and photography fragments are used for product content. The visual style of Ambio is bright, dynamic, and spatial, employing animation and video formats to create static and interactive visuals.

We select associative elements and photographs for emotional content, adapting visualizations to the written theme. We create contrasting compositions of abstract shapes and everyday objects inspired by surrealism and the increasingly popular 3D technique.

The distinctive AMBIO packaging stands out with its colourful and lively design, making it easily recognizable on pharmacy shelves and as a prominent object in this lively, playful communication. It’s a pleasure to work with such a great brand!