Magazine “IKI Skanaus”

We all love food! IKI entrusted us to create a publication that reinforces this motto and helps IKI customers make their mealtime enjoyable. Collaborating with the international “REWE Group” agency, we are responsible for producing the quarterly “Tasty at IKI” magazine, from content creation to print preparation.




Žurnalas „Skanaus“


2018 - now

Internetinė svetainė:

We have been partners for five years and have jointly created several publications. Since 2023, the magazine has fully transitioned to the digital space, expanding its concept with more visual content and content marketing.

  • For several years, we have adapted the content of the international magazine for Lithuanian consumers.
  • For this unique content project, we constantly create themes that reflect IKI’s values and their customers’ needs.
  • Working with food professionals, we create recipes and capture them in photoshoots.
  • We integrate IKI’s private-label products into photoshoots.
  • We ensure the inclusion of expert opinions and recommendations.
  • We carefully lay out each article and prepare the magazines for publication.