“Mylimiausia” Instagram Communication

Mylimiausia is a discount card that allows users to access discounts and special offers at SEB, Circle K, Čilli, Senukai, and Gintarinė vaistinė. The clients requested the creation of a “Mylimiausia” Instagram account and communication for the purpose of image building.




Mylimiausia Instagram




2019 - 2021

After a successful launch of “Mylimiausia” Facebook communication, the clients asked us to take care of “Mylimiausia’s” Instagram account, aimed at image building. What did we do?

  • We encouraged user engagement on Instagram by asking users, “What is your favorite?”
  • The concept was designed in such a way that each individual post appears as a unit, but when you visit the “Mylimiausia” account, all posts are interconnected.
  • In the main feed, the focus was solely on Mylimiausia, without communication with partners, while the “Stories” feature was dedicated to partner offers.