Publisher “Šviesa” Marketing Solutions and Social Media Communication

Publisher “Šviesa” has been our long-term client and partner for 7 years. The AdDrama team has been responsible for social media communication, various marketing solutions, digital advertising campaigns, publications, and outdoor advertising.


Publisher "Šviesa"


Marketing and Social Media Communication, #LearningAtHome during quarantine campaign


2017 - 2023

We began our collaboration in 2016 with communication for the mobile application “Prieš egzaminą” (Before the Exam) aimed at high school graduates. This project achieved excellent results, as the campaign became viral.

As the scope of work expanded, we also started handling communication on social media, working on ongoing digital campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We also executed a project called “Ilgoji pertrauka” (Long Break) on Instagram and YouTube, targeting high school students.

Unexpectedly, due to Covid-19, the entire educational system had to adapt within a few days. Our client, Publisher “Šviesa,” took the lead and extended a helping hand to the school and pre-school education community in this unprecedented situation, entrusting us with communication.

At the beginning of spring, mixed-distance learning became an integral part of the entire school community overnight. Together with Publisher “Šviesa,” we had to adapt to the changed conditions. During the quarantine, our task was to inform and introduce some to the digital learning platform “Eduka” and Publisher “Šviesa’s” digital learning materials, thus helping the entire school community adapt to remote learning.

In collaboration with „Šviesa“ we took the following steps:

  • When the quarantine started, we suspended planned communication and launched the #LearningAtHome campaign.
  • The „Eduka“ platform was opened to the entire school community for free.
  • Distribution channels for publication sales were strengthened, and the “Eduka” system was prepared for significantly increased loads.
  • In a short time, not only teachers but also some parents were trained during live conferences.
  • We made every effort to make the content facilitate the process of remote learning for teachers, parents, and students. We shared tools, methods, relevant news, and proactively communicated with the school community.
  • Communication channels used: Facebook, Zoom/YouTube, newsletters for teachers, and e-commerce platforms.