Caverion – Employer Branding

“Caverion Lithuania” is a company that has been providing a wide range of engineering services in Lithuania and Europe for over 25 years. Caverion approached us for assistance in creating their employer brand on social media, but our partnership has grown, and we are now responsible not only for content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn but also for reputation management and design nuances.


„Caverion Lithuania“


Employer branding and social media communication




2019 - 2022

In 2019, “Caverion Lithuania” asked us to create their social media communication to shape their employer brand, build reputation, increase the company’s visibility in Lithuania, and strengthen internal communication for over 400 employees. We achieve these goals through communication on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We shape the employer brand by sharing authentic #Caverionist stories directly from the employees themselves. We share genuine professional experiences, specific problem-solving situations, and insights. Does only top management have a voice in this channel? Definitely not. We encourage everyone to share, whether it’s an employee or an intern who is just trying on the engineer’s shoes at “Caverion.” The organization promotes equality among all employees and creates opportunities to pursue their professional ambitions. We also contribute to the search for employees, helping both the “Caverion Lithuania” team find competent colleagues and potential employees find their place in the company.

We build reputation by telling stories about the company’s partnerships and the installation of modern engineering systems. In our texts, we emphasize key principles of “Caverion Lithuania” – innovation using scientific progress and sustainability. We are delighted that we can share professional achievements and their social responsibility projects, contributing to the well-being of both people and the surrounding environment. And if you think that good deeds are done only for reputation, it must be acknowledged that this is one of the most challenging communication directions! Because a leading corporation with the widest range of engineering services lives by the humble belief that “good deeds should be done quietly.”

On the Instagram platform, where corporate communication is based on corporate guidelines, we had the opportunity to be more creative. When talking about values and the work environment, we “construct” a virtual building. This visual solution was created to emphasize integrity, consistency, innovation, and reliability – the core professional and partnership values of “Caverion Lithuania.”

Since starting to provide social media communication services, we have successfully solved marketing puzzles and contributed to the development of integrated communication with “Caverion Lithuania,” not limiting ourselves to social media alone. When the vision aligns with the client and the achieved results bring joy, the scope of collaboration expands.

We are sincerely pleased and proud that this has happened with “Caverion Lithuania.”