Outdoor Campaign Concept

Participating in a creative tactical agency competition for a telecommunications company, we have developed a unique outdoor campaign concept targeting residents of smaller towns.


Outdoor advertising campaign concept targeting smaller towns.


Create an Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising campaign concept to promote the idea that television can now be watched on any device.

The challenge we tackled in creating the outdoor advertising concept was that campaigns aimed at city dwellers often fail to reflect the daily life and community bonds in provincial areas, lacking authenticity and, as a result, becoming less engaging.


Solution: Residents of smaller towns trust what is familiar, known, and sincere to them. Therefore, to create the outdoor campaign concept, we used realistic situations: we proposed photographing actual residents of the town of Ukmergė only in a location familiar to Ukmergians, bringing different generations together – grandparents and grandchildren, who, as usual, introduce older relatives to technological innovations of their generation. For the slogan of the advertising campaign concept, we used a direct address to the town’s residents – “Ukmergieti, from now on, television is in your hands.”

By using familiar faces, specific locations, a familiar yet respectful tone, depicting family connections across generations, and presenting the innovation through text and visual content – the ability to watch television on a smart device from anywhere – this campaign concept would meet the expectations of the target audience and encourage trust and the purchase of the offered service.