“ŽIEDĖ” – Social Media Communication

“Žiedė” is natural, organic, and certified cosmetic products made according to authentic recipes by qualified pharmacists in the professional laboratory of “Gintarinė vaistinė.” It’s cosmetics created for consumers who value natural beauty and health. Our task is to create authentic communication on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that reflects the values and product line of “Žiedė.”




Social media communication


2019 - now





Objective: Increasing brand awareness, shaping the brand image, and promoting sales. We focus on visual and textual content to reveal the uniqueness of “Žiedė” cosmetics among other natural cosmetic brands. 

In our texts, a personal and intimate tone prevails. On the “Žiedė – tikroji Tu” Facebook channel, we address women in a familiar yet respectful tone, often emphasizing natural cycles that determine different skincare routines and highlighting specific “Žiedė” cosmetic products designed for various seasons. On the “Aš esu Žiedė” Instagram account, we speak in the first person, presenting texts in a diary-like format to create a close and reliable connection with each woman who shares a similar life philosophy.

The photos depict natural motifs, the cosiness of home, and personal moments from the life of a “Žiedė” woman – daily skincare routines, other self-care rituals, and a slow, mindful way of life that cares for oneself and the surrounding environment. Additionally, magical nature-inspired visual elements that reflect the comfort of home are integrated organically with “Žiedė” products.

This creation of authentic, personal, and engaging visual and textual content allows us to connect with potential “Žiedė” cosmetics consumers and emphasize the image of reliable, organic products made from nature’s gifts in the pharmacy laboratory.